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There are several options



• Option one: university building

This is the room in the university building where the student is studying. Students usually live for 2 (or more) people. Most of the university’s hostels are buildings that occupy a large area and consist of 9 floors. Each floor has a public bathrooms. There is also a student cafés with low prices, a training library, a gym and a laundry. Internet access is available for a small fee.

If it is desired, the student can live in the room alone, but for this it will be necessary to make payment as for both for 2 people

Average cost is from 400 to 800 US dollars per year 

• Option two: living with family

The student receives a room in an apartment where the Ukrainian family lives (most of the family members are older than the student). The is a bed and a wardrobe in the room. Bathroom and kitchen are for common use. The student pays a part of the public services (water, heating).

Average cost is from 80 to 150 US dollars per month

• Option three: living in a rented apartment

The most popular option . The student rents an apartment in a building consisting of several floors, so that the location and floor can be chosen according to preferences and these factors determine the rental price. Both one student or company (optional) can rent an apartment. It is necessary to pay an additional part of public services, access to the Internet, parking (if there is a car).

Average cost is from 200 to 500 US dollars per month

It depends on the wishes of the student.



Note: accommodation is optional, and regardless of your choice we will help you to find it quickly!

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