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About Ukraine


   Why Ukraine

 • High quality of higher education in Ukraine;

 • International recognition and accreditation of Ukrainian certificates of higher education in many countries of the world;

 • Simplicity of obtaining Ukrainian visa;

 • The possibility of training in English and French in many Ukrainian universities;

 • Low cost of education and accommodation, compared to European countries;

 • European standard of living;

 • Comfortable climate;

 • Presence and efficiency of preparatory courses for studying Russian / Ukrainian languages;

 • The main attention is paid to principal subjects and practical classes starting from the first years of training, which enables students to become highly qualified specialists in their field;

 • High international standards of teaching and learning in Ukrainian universities;

 • Convenient and inexpensive system of public transport, which facilitates movement around the city;

 • Picturesque nature and temperate climate;

 • Democratic, flexible and affordable tariffs for all tourist services on the territory of Ukraine. The country’s leadership welcomes the reception of multinational Guests;

 • Possibility of obtaining a visa to Western Europe countries after receiving academic qualification.

   About Ukraine

   Ukraine is the second largest country in Eastern Europe with a population of more than 46 million people. The Ukrainian language is the first and official language in the country. Very wide usage of the Russian language. Ukraine is currently seeking to join the European Union. In 2017 Ukraine received a visa-free regime to Europe. Ukraine is one of the most advanced countries in the world. Communication and the Internet are relatively inexpensive. The Ukrainian people are civilized and do not show racial discrimination towards other citizens.

   Geographical position

   Ukraine is located in the central part of Eastern Europe at the intersection of transport routes from Europe to Asia and from Scandinavian countries to the countries of the Mediterranean region. Most of the country is flat, just the Carpathian Mountains just overlook on the West (Mount Hoverla, 2061 m.). The territory of Ukraine is washed by the waters of the Azov and Black Seas.


   Temperate continental climate is on the all territory of Ukraine. In Ukraine summer is warm and long, in the East and South — hot and dry, in the West — warm and damp. Winter highly depends on the region. Mild winter is observed in the South and West, the coldest winters are observed in the Northeast of Ukraine.

   Tourism in Ukraine

   The sphere of tourist interests in Ukraine includes both active types of recreation and sport tourism, such as climbing and skiing, and travel with cognitive purposes, where the object of knowledge is the rich archaeological and religious history of the country, its culture and nature. In particular, there are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

   Kyiv – The monumental capital with an uncountable number of cathedrals and churches. Odesa – sunny and cheerful seaside resort. The Carpathians — one of the key natural resources of Ukraine, also known as the «green lungs of Europe». And, of course, Lviv is a legendary city, only recently discovered pearl of Europe.

   Education in Ukraine

   Higher educational institutions of Ukraine are recognized in many countries of the world and serve as an example of an educational level. Applicants can receive three degrees of education in Ukraine — bachelor, specialist and master. One of the main criteria for choosing education in Ukraine is price-quality. Get higher education here is cheaper than in other European countries, while the quality of teaching in the leading universities of the country is not inferior to the all-European one.

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