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Ukraine is the best choice to get a European level of education!

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About us

Who we are ?

Ukrainian company «SVIT OSVITY« provides high-quality educational services to students.

«SVIT OSVITY« was founded in 2004, then the official documentation in the register was made and registration procedures were conducted at the Embassies of Ukraine abroad. The company is officially registered in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

In addition to the great interest in organizing and sponsoring scientific, cultural, social and sporting events, its plays an important role in raising the academic level of the student, thus providing the most complete picture of foreign students in the community.  

From the very beginning of your acquaintance with «SVIT OSVITY», choosing a specialization and sending official data, the student’s journey begins with us, we send him/her an invitation to study, and after a while we already meet him/her at our Ukrainian territory, we carry out all registration procedures at the university and we help with the choice of housing, we accompany our students from the beginning to the end of their studies in Ukraine.

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Dr. Ashraf Almatrabia

Director of the company: Dr. Mohammed Saad


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