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Procedure visa obtaining

Documents required for applying for an invitation to the university:

• Certificate of secondary school completion

• Copy of the passport

• Certificate of graduation (only for Specialist’s Degree students and for graduates)  

(The student sends the abovementioned to our company by email or any other suitable way for (viber / wats app)

Then we carry out our work by registering a student at the university and receiving an invitation to study as soon as possible.

After receiving the invitation, we send it to the country where the student lives with the help of a courier



   After receiving the student’s invitation to study, he prepares the following documents and goes to the Embassy of Ukraine in his country:

  • Invitation to the University

  • Valid passport (the validity of which ends not earlier than in a year)

  • 10 photos

  • Diploma of secondary school in Russian, Ukrainian or English language, certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of its country.

  • A birth certificate for Russian, Ukrainian or English languages, certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country.

  • Certificate of diseases absence, translated into Russian, Ukrainian or English language, certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of its country.

  • Fill in the form to apply for a visa.

          Application form is here 

Stages of visa obtaining

After the student has filed all of the above mentioned to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country, the Embassy will document and certify all previous certificates, providing you with a date for an interview at the embassy and obtaining a visa. After verification, the embassy will provide you with all the certificates and documents that you sent in advance.

Travel Planning Phase

When you have received a visa, it’s time to travel!

Contact us and we will tell you the nearest airport for your arrival to Ukraine, book air tickets (there and back, the return ticket must have an open date of departure, this is a prerequisite). Place your documents, certificates and personal photos in a special file and put it in your hands, all documents should be with you, as they will be asked to show at airports of Ukraine 

The stage of arrival to Ukraine

After receiving information about the place, date and time of your arrival, our company sends a representative to meet you at the airport, give you access to temporary housing, and then you start registration. We will assist you in obtaining an insurance policy and a temporary residence permit.


(Here our mission is not over yet, we will be with you throughout the entire period of study!)

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